I am a Full Professor of Information Systems Engineering at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Since March 18th, 2021 I have been dedicating most of my time and effort to developing and heading The Artificial Intelligence Research and Development Institute of Serbia.

Since July 2019, I have transitioned into the role of Ambassador for Tandemlaunch, a unique startup foundry based in Montreal, Canada. If you would like to start a deep tech startup, let me know.

Since April 3rd, 2019 I am also an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute University Ambassador. If you would like me to organize a free Deep Learning training workshop at your university or conference, let me know.

I spent two years (2013-2015) as a postdoc researcher at the University of Trento, Italy with the Multimedia and Human Understanding Group.

On my more recent sabbatical (2018-2019) I manned the post of Senior Research Scientist at Tandemlaunch.

While pursuing my PhD degree (2003-2006) at the Florida Atlantic University, USA I was affiliated with the Center for Coastline Security and the Center for Cryptology and Information Security.

My current research interests include: Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Science, Multimedia, Visual Attention, Image/Video Processing.

I am extremely lazy when it comes to updating my web page, so you would be safer with tracking my professional work on GoogleScholar and LinkedIn, using the links in the sidebar.