The idea here is to provide info on the upcoming events and talks, so that you know where you could catch up with me. But I doubt that I'll make an effort to remove entries once the event is done, so it will probably transition into a list of past and future activities "organically".

BMVC VAIE Workshop

April 22, 2019

Workshop, Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK

With Prof. Nicu Sebe and Prof. Graham Taylor I am organizing a BMVC workshop on Visual AI and Entrepreneurship, trying to span the gap between academia and entrepreneurship communities. If you would like to get involved in the Technical Program Committee and you have the appropriate background, please send me an e-mail.

SpliTech Invited Talk

April 20, 2019

Talk, SpliTech, Brac+Split, Croatia

I’ll be giving an invited talk on the Tandemlaunch model at SpliTech this summer, appropriatelly titled: “Bridging the Gap Between Academia and Industry: The Tandemlaunch Deep Tech Startup Foundry Model”.