I am currently a senior research scientist at Tandemlaunch, a unique startup foundry based in Montreal, Canada.

I am also a Full Professor (on leave) of Communication and Information Systems at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Management of the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.

Since April 3rd, 2019 I am also an NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute University Ambassador. If you would like me to organize a free Deep Learning training workshop at your university or conference, let me know.

I spent two years (2013-2015) as a postdoc researcher at the University of Trento, Italy with the Multimedia and Human Understanding Group.

While pursuing my PhD degree (2003-2006) at the Florida Atlantic University, USA I was affiliated with the Center for Coastline Security and the Center for Cryptology and Information Security.

My current research interests include: Neural Networks and Deep Learning, Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Data Science, Multimedia, Visual Attention, Image/Video Processing.

I am extremely lazy when it comes to updating my web page, so you would be safer with tracking my professional work on GoogleScholar and LinkedIn, using the links in the sidebar.